Here’s to starting the new year with a bang, or rather a buzzzzz…..

It’s the eve of Christmas Eve and I have had enough. Of my hair, that is.
The moment the clippers buzz to life, I freeze. Do I want this? Or do I need this?
I guess I’ll find out.

There it goes, my hair. Fluttering through the air as the clippers reveal my ‘what I would look like bald’ head, oh wait, I am bald. Well, I am now.

It’s supposed to be a liberating experience, and this being the third time in five years that I’ve ‘had the chop’, it really was. it is a new me; a fresher me; a happier me.

Until I find the shortest of hairs have weaved themselves into my clothes and begins to make me itch.

I knew these capes were only good for flying!

So, I shower and all is forgiven, as I acknowledge my reflection in the mirror for the first time, since ya’ know, cutting off my hair.

I love it. I even laugh, yet I’m not sure whether at my happiness of the liberation, or the sheer realization that as of now, it will be five years before I look again and see the length I desire.

I stopped laughing and fell into my bed. When I awoke, it was Christmas and the best part about Christmas? The Santa hat, of course.

Hair has always been a strange thing to me, I’ve had every colour of the rainbow and every style that was in fashion. Yet it’s without hair that I see myself as myself and even more so when I’m without makeup.

I think it is now time, that we learned to love ourselves and the bodies we are in, even if we don’t find them perfect, yet. That is what new year’s resolutions are for right?

The following week disappears after several games of Cluedo played intoxicated by many Gin & Tonics along with too many Ferrero Rocher’s.
Which I find myself scrolling Pinterest for hours, unsure of what DIY to try with my empty boxes, I mean I only have two, okay maybe three, alright, you got me. Four!

So, It’s New Year’s Eve and as I stand in good company, awaiting the fireworks to light up the distant sky, I say goodbye to all the things that no longer matter, including my hair.

Here is to looking ahead to all the great things we find ourselves hoping and dreaming for, even if they are the same as last year…

…. And there it is, 3, 2, 1.

Hello 2017, please be good to us all.


ItsJaimiQuinn ❤



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