Lingering in silence, I am my worst company
But am I my greatest enemy?

After all is said after all is gone
Did I do my best
For what is done?

Pain besides me it lingers in my breath
For every word unspoken
For every death.

Forgetful dreams and wishful tears
For all the things I miss
For all of those years.

Through the pain and the glory of all the battles, I have seen
The worst defeat was for those
who have never been.

Whose ashes sway in the wind through the day and the night
Through the darkest hours
And through the light.

As time carries me on my feet shall fall
I know I still go on
I have given my all.

Even in the silence I still hear their cheers
Their almighty roars
Of all their forgotten fears.





I can’t find the words
I can’t begin to sympathise
My tongue is tied
Into a thousand ties

So far beneath the clouds
In this lifetime that has passed me by
I forgot how it felt to be loved
You taught me to try

Falling so fast
Consumed in your allure
I know that my fragile heart
Could find the strength
To love again
If you held my hand

People say dreams can come true
I never believed in them
I never believed until I met you

To my broken smile
You are the cure
My wings out wide
You taught me to fly

I am never afraid
For your eyes are the diamonds
In my pitch black night
Your arms are my home;
Your voice is my lullaby

I could never soar so high
You breathe life into me
I hope you already know
This is our destiny

The beating of my heart,
You are the pressure in my chest
I can’t sleep without you in my eyes
You are the reality at its best.
Within your heart I am young,
I am defenceless.
Words can’t find my tongue,
I am breathless.

To Love Again.

This is for you, my love, to the one I haven’t met

To the one who will know me

When I don’t know me yet.


Out there living your life as I am here living mine

One day I shall know you

When our paths cross in time.


Today I know I am broken but this is for you then

For I know you will find me

Even if I don’t know when.


So I am fighting for you now, for when you help me rise above

For the days I can’t love myself

I know I will feel your love.


I shall live without you for now so I am alive for you then

For one day, I know I’ll be ready

To love again.



Insomniac Thoughts

Everything had beauty in my eyes
Floating upon my own little lies
Of white sand and clear skies
It was the deepest blue paradise

Born and raised to love
Emotions are let free to be wild
Like a fearless naive child
Yet your free will has now been filled

Oh, to be young again
To be free of forthcoming tragedies
For more adventures, we would plead
Until light again would take the lead

The night used to mean danger
Now demons roam the day
Sleepless souls of fear
On the innocent, they pray

You said don’t you ever
Can you no longer remember?
You said don’t you ever
Forget the last night of December

Ticking of the clock
Ships come to dock
Another year to come
The sailors begin to mock

False hopes of being free
Yet everyone does not agree
Life is just a painful symphony
Torn between human and humanity.

Fly Away.

Let’s just forget everything
Leave everyone behind
We’ll follow the sun
To the other side

Let’s fly away
To somewhere unknown
Stay there for a while
Maybe call it home

We will do all the things
That we could never forget
We can make memories
With no thoughts of regret

The wind sweeps through our hair
The sun will soak into our skin
The waves crash at our feet
This is the place we could begin

We will find ourselves
Where our names no one knows
With your hand in mine
And sand between our toes

No thoughts of worry
No people to face
Just us and the world
We can finally embrace.